Mr. C.K.Ranganathan

An educational institution performs a significant function of providing learning experiences to lead their students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

Having this in mind we inculcate teaching skills, which would include providing training and practice in the different techniques, approaches and strategies that would help the student- teachers to plan and impart instruction, provide appropriate reinforcement and conduct effective assessment. It includes effective classroom management skills, preparation and use of instructional materials and communication skills. Our CK College of Education encompasses teaching skills, sound pedagogical theory and professional skills. In our College of Education we are the strong supporter of the formula that

Teacher Education=Teaching Skills+ Pedagogical theory+ Professional skills.

CK College of Education is based on the fact that ?Teachers are made, not born, the teacher has to acquire not only knowledge, but also skills that are called ?tricks of the trade, which is being provided in our college along with curriculum.

CK College of Education views the teacher as a facilitator, supporting and encouraging learner's learning. We do not treat knowledge as fixed, static or confined in books but as something being constructed through various types of experiences.

In CK College of Education knowledge is created through discussion, evaluation, explanation, comparison and contrasts. We also emphasize that appraisal in such an educative process is continuous, hence there are no mechanical adaptation process in our college.


Mr. CK Ranganathan


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