The objective of our CK College of Education is encouraging, supportive and humane facilitator in teaching learning situations. We enable learners (students) to discover their talents, to realize their physical and intellectual potentialities to the fullest, to develop character and desirable social and human values to function as responsible citizens.

We promote our students to turn an active member of the group of persons who make conscious effort to contribute towards the process to maintain its relevance to the changing social needs and personal needs of learners, keeping in view the experiences gained in the past and the concerns and imperatives that have emerged in the light of changing national development goals and educational priorities.

These expectations suggest that teacher operates in a larger context and its dynamics as well as concerns impinge upon their functioning. That is to say, teacher has to be responsive and sensitive to the social contexts of education, the various disparities in the background of learners as well as in the macro national and global contexts, national concerns for achieving the goals of equity, parity and social justice as also excellence.


TWith a sense of promoting our good society to the best society we trust that it can be made by bringing a raise in the quality and extent of learner achievement which are determined primarily by teacher competence, sensitivity and teacher motivation. It is the teacher who is mainly responsible for implementation of the educational process at any stage. This shows that it is imperative to invest in the preparation of teachers, so that the future of a nation is secure. Having this in mind we promote a good quality of teacher education in our college to make a better INDIA.



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