Dr. S.Singaravelu

We focus on teacher preparation that shifts from education to training CK College of Education promotes a positive influence on the quality of curriculum transaction in classrooms and thereby pupil learning and the larger social transformation.

CK College of Education shows greater emphasis on the length of academic preparation, the level and quality of subject matter knowledge, the repertoire of pedagogical skills that teachers possess to meet the needs of diverse learning situations.

CK College of Education highlights the degree of commitment to the profession, sensitivity to contemporary issues and problems and the level of motivation.

I am glad to ensure that our college is concerned with the aspects such as, who (Teacher Educator), whom (Student teacher), what (Content) and how (Teaching Strategy).

I assure that we build holistic teacher who are essential in building

Independent quality of education. We also relate the development of teacher proficiency and competence that would enable and empower the teacher to meet the requirements of the profession and face the challenges therein.


Dr. S.Singaravelu


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